CDi 502 now available

Stud welding unit CDi 502 for Capacitor Discharge studwelding with gun type C06-3

Extrem easy to use:

Only two steps are needed for the perfect welding result: 1. Choose the diameter! 2. Pull the trigger!

There are no adjustments needed on the gun!

Welding range steel: M3-M6 (Ø3 – 6mm)

Welding range alu: M3-M4    (Ø3 – 4 mm)

Protection class: IP23

Weight: 9,9kg

Stud Welding Unit for CD stud welding (capacitor discharge welding). Easy to use with pre-programmed settings. Light weight and portable makes this unit great for job sites.

Inverter capacitor charging technology providing quick recharging times and increased duty cycle.

CDi502 stud welding unitC06-3 stud welding gunCDi 502 stud welding unit