Pegasar 500 INSULATION now available

Pegasar 500 accu INSULATION (battery operated) now available

Stud welding unit Pegasar 500 accu INSULATION for insulation worker!

Extrem easy to use:

Only two steps are needed for the perfect welding result: 1. Choose the diameter! 2. Pull the trigger!

Pegasar 500 accu Insulation stud welding machineK800_Pegasar 500 panel

Welding range cupped head pins: Ø2,0 and 2,7mm

Welding range CD-insulation pins: Ø2,0 and 3,0 mm

Of course normal CD-studs can also be welded (M3-M6)


Protection class: IP44

Weight: 10,7kg

Stud Welding Unit for CD stud welding (capacitor discharge welding). Easy to use with pre-programmed settings. Light weight and portable makes this unit great for job sites.