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Rental equipment

If you decide to rent a stud welding machine from us, you not only have the opportunity to quickly and easily respond to your stud welding tasks, but also to benefit from additional advantages. Through the flexibility of our rental options, you can bridge your production bottlenecks without having to invest a lot of money in buying a stud welding device.

By renting our stud welding machines, you can focus on your core competencies and rely on always working with the latest technologies and the best quality. Our machines are always up-to-date and regularly maintained to ensure flawless functionality.

Our experienced technicians are available to assist you at any time and help you with any questions regarding the operation of our stud welding equipment. You will receive an easy-to-understand user manual so that you can use our rental equipment easily and efficiently. This allows you to focus entirely on your orders and maximize your production. An extensive on-site briefing by one of our service technicians is also possible as an optional extra for an additional fee.

By renting our stud welding machines, you can also take advantage of tax benefits as rental payments are deductible as operating expenses. This reduces your costs and maintains your liquidity. You also have the possibility to use our rental options long-term and benefit from additional discounts.

Overall, renting a stud welding machine from us provides a quick, flexible, and cost-effective solution for your welding tasks. We are always available and happy to help you choose the right device for your application. Contact us today and start your production in no time.


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