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Welding studs

We produce weld studs and welding elements with and without threads according to DIN EN ISO 13918 or based on this standard. We are also happy to produce weld studs that do not conform to any standard but to your drawing. You have the choice between different materials and dimensions. We are happy to assist you in finding the appropriate studs for your individual welding task and component.

Gewindebolzen Typ PT Aluminium

Threaded stud type PT

Unthreaded stud type UT

Internal threaded stud type IT

CD paint clearing threaded stud

Fir tree studs

Ground clips, single style (F1) and double style (F2)

Threaded stud with full thread (FD/DD)

Threaded stud with reduced base (RD)

Threaded stud with practically complete thread (MD)

Threaded stud with partial thread (PD)

Pin without thread (UD)

Internal threaded stud (ID)

Aluminium stud type SC big-flange

Bimetallic stud type VBG for aluminum

Threaded stud type DUO (two different materials)

Knock-off studs / Anti-skid studs

Angle welding stud type PDW

Ceramic ferrules

Ground plate for gluing

Ground plate for gluing

Perforated base insulation pin hangers / Clavu-por



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