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Fastener for insulation material

Cuphead pins (Clip-Pin)

Our Cuphead pins are a combination of a welding pin and a washer.

 With our Cuphead pins it is possible to fasten insulation material with only one step to air ducts This item is suitable for capacitor discharge (CD) stud welding.

We offer our Cuphead pins in different versions:

Without insulation: Suitable for plain insulation

Insulation sleeve on the pin: Suitable for aluminum faced insulation

Insulation on sleeve and under the washer: Wired mattresses with our without aluminum (universal use)

Type “Black” allow the fixing of black aluminum coated insulation on steel metal such as airducts, metal beams, metallic industrial equipments.

Diameter Pin (d1): Standard 2,7mm. Special production 2,0mm

Diameter head (d2): Standard 30mm. Special production 38mm

Length (l1): 9,5mm to 410mm

Material Pin: Steel copper coated or stainless steel SS304

Standardlengths and selection guide

9,5mm for insulation 10mm
15mm for insulation 15mm
19mm for insulation 20mm
22mm for insulation 20mm hard
25mm for insulation 25mm
28mm for insulation 30mm
32mm for insulation 30mm hard
38mm for insulation 40mm
42mm for insulation 40mm hard
48mm for insulation 50mm
52mm for insulation 50mm hard
58mm for insulation 60mm
62mm for insulation 60mm hard
68mm for insulation 70mm
72mm for insulation 70mm hard
80mm for insulation 80mm
90mm for insulation 100mm
100mm for insulation 100mm hard
114mm for insulation 120mm
152mm for insulation 150mm
200mm for insulation 200mm

Other dimensions on request.


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