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Weldig stud for Drawn Arc stud welding

Knock-off studs / Anti-skid studs

This welding stud can be produced with and without stud.

After welding you knock-off the upper part with a hammer. This way it is possible to weld extreme short studs easily.

General information about our welding studs

Welding studs for drawn ARC welding with ceramic ferrule have a flux (aluminium ball) on the welding area. The flux will ignite the arc easier and the welding bath will deoxidized.
All our welding studs are produced according to DIN EN ISO 13918.
Stud length is always the length after welding.
Non-standard welding elements are delivered in compliance with DIN EN ISO 13918.
We offer all kind of accessories for our welding studs. Also for guns from other manufacturers. 


We can create a material test certificate 2.1 or 3.1 if you need. Please inform us before you place your order!

The threads of our welding studs are cold rolled. Cold rolling of thread shows the following advantages:

  • no interruption of fiber orientation,
  • increase of strength by up to 200 %,
  • decrease of surface roughness in connection with
  • increased corrosion resistance.

Our welding studs are suitable for all common stud welding machines.

If you have any questions about stud welding please do not hesitate to ask! We are happy to help.

Material:Steel, Steel galvanized, Stainless steel A2-50/SS304, Stainless steel A4-50/SS316, Stainless steel A5-50/SS316Ti
Length (l1) after welding:10mm to 500mm
Diameter (d1):M6, M8, M10, M12, M16


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