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Fastener for insulation material

Self-adhesive insulation pin hangers / Clavu-fix

CLAVU-fix self-adhesive pins enable a quick and uncomplicated fixing of insulation on smooth and clean surfaces. The high-grade adhesive on the base, ensures that these pins provide a secure fixing for the insulation.

 This item comes always together including a Ø30mm self-locking washer. We can also ship this item together with one of our other types of washers.

Material perforated plate: Steel galvanized, stainless steel (SS304 or SS316) and aluminum

Material Pin: Steel galvanized (up to length 63mm), Steel copper coated (from length 76mm) and stainless steel (SS304 or SS316)

Length (L): 15mm to 400mm

Diameter Pin: 2,7mm

25mm* 32mm* 42mm* 51mm* 63mm* 76mm* 89mm* 95mm 105mm* 114mm* 125mm 140mm 150mm 165mm* 203mm Die mit * markierten Längen haben wir in der Regel lagernd



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