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Stud welding gun for drawn arc stud welding

A 12FL

Perfectly suitable for insulation pins and bimetallic pins (VBS)

Light (0,8kg), ergonomic and compact gun which is easy to operate.

Thanks to the ergonomic shape you can work the fatigue-free 

It is designed for all-day insulation pin welding

  • Rigid casing made of impact-resistant plastic
  • Slide bearing for guiding the welding piston
  • Sealed welding piston guidance
  • Lift adjustment
  • Stud length freely adjustable

Operating Manual


Welding rangeInsulation pins (Ø3-6mm), bimetallic pins (VBS), studs M3 – M8
Stud length10 - 500 mm (depending on leg assembly)
Length compensation6 mm automatic
LiftFixed 6mm
Spring forceFixed
Welding cable5 or 10m / 35 mm², SK 50
IP-CodeIP 20
Dimensions LxWxH (without cable)200 x 65 x 140 mm /
Weight (without cable)0,80kg


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